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Virginia Institute for Public Policy

"Public Policy Leadership in the Virginia Tradition"

Center for Constitutional Studies
and Federalism

      Arguably, the greatest fear of our Founders was that over time power would be concentrated increasingly in the hands of a few. The Constitution, as a document of delegated and enumerated powers, was to limit governmental intrusion on citizens' liberties, while encouraging republican responsibility. Today, however, legislators and judges are prone to think that every problem can be solved if only they enact or interpret a new legal rule.

      The Institute pursues a return to the rule of law and constitutionally limited government by promoting a more restrained philosophy of legislation and interpretation. In addition, the Institute advocates not only the devolution of power from the federal government back to the Commonwealth of Virginia, but also the devolution of power from all levels of government back to the people.

The Real Story of Eminent Domain in Virginia: The Rise, Fall, and Undetermined Future of Private Property Rights in the Commonwealth
By Jeremy P. Hopkins, J.D.

December 2006 (PDF format)

A Primer on the Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms
By Nelson Lund, J.D., Ph.D.

June 2002 (PDF format)

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