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"Public Policy Leadership in the Virginia Tradition"

Center for Economic Policy and Tax Reform

      A central theme of the 20th century was the failure of collectivism and the triumph of free markets. Nevertheless, government in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the United States continues to grow bigger, more intrusive, and more costly. A major portion of the Institute's research involves redefining the role, scope, and cost of government in a free society.

A Pro-Growth Tax Reform Agenda for Virginia
By Dean Stansel, Ph.D.
April 2015 (PDF format)

Impaired Judgment: The Failure of Control States to Reduce Alcohol-Related Problems
By Donald J. Boudreaux, Ph.D., J.D. & Julia Williams
June 2010 (PDF format)

The Prognosis for National Health Insurance: A Virginia Perspective
By Arduin, Laffer & Moore Econometrics
September 2009 (PDF format)  
Four-page synopsis of report (PDF format)

21st Century Highways: Innovative Solutions to America’s Transportation Needs
By Wendell Cox
December 2005 (PDF format)

The Case for a Virginia Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights
By Stephen Slivinski & Michael J. New, Ph.D.
June 2005 (PDF format)

We Only Pay the Bills: The Ongoing Effort to Disfranchise Virginia’s Voters
By William P. Kittredge, Ph.D. and David W. Kreutzer, Ph.D.
February 2001 (PDF format)

The Science and Economics of Climate Change: Virginia and the Kyoto Protocol
By Patrick J. Michaels, Ph.D. and Paul C. Knappenberger
December 1999

Virginia's So-Called Crisis in Education and Transportation Spending
By Stephen Moore and Dean Stansel
January 1998

It's a No-Brainer: Cut the Surplus in Virginia's Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund
By John Taylor
September 1996 *No longer available

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